About Blackie McDonald

The world of business and organisational communication is a jungle. There’s lots of noise and many distractions. Shouting indiscriminately at the top of your lungs doesn’t cut it anymore. Neither does being ordinary. Countless studies have cited clear and consistent communication to all audiences with whom an organisation interacts as a (perhaps the) key factor in long term performance. We agree and we believe being interesting, planning and executing with efficiency and finesse are also necessary ingredients for success in this brave, new, noisy digital world in which we live.


For too long social media and SEO activities have been on the periphery of communication strategies for organisations big and small. The aim of bmcddigital is to integrate the two disciplines to deliver better online marketing results that meet your organisation’s objectives. Organisations operating in today’s highly volatile and dynamic market environments are increasingly reliant on well planned and executed social media strategies. As a result, Blackie McDonald has launched a new division which combines social media and SEO strategy with tailored communications activities.

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